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 What we are doing this year

We have three focuses to our work:

1. Encouraging disabled people to vote - we coordinated two days of campaigning on the streets of Hammersmith and Fulham with local disabled people for the mayoral election in 2016; distributed information about the general election in 2017 and are planning work for the local council elections in 2018. 

2. Ongoing engagement with Hammersmith and Fulham council - supporting them with the new Disabled People’s Commission work on co-production; developing resources encouraging disabled people to register to vote.

3. Building the Disabled People’s Organisations network - working to enable this network to grow in influence and confidence and working in partnership to deliver a celebration event for International Day of Disabled People in December 2017

If you are interested in helping us with our groundbreaking campaigning work, please get in touch

Interested in helping us with our groundbreaking campaigning work? Please get in touch by clicking here.


International Disability Day 2017

Thank you for coming to the celebration on Sunday! It was great to see lots of people there - we hope you enjoyed it. Big thanks to everyone who spoke and our wonderful compere, Liz Bentley. And of course to Hammersmith and Fulham council and Lyric Hammersmith for supporting the event. See some photos please click here.

This celebration happens because Disabled People’s Organisations come together and work hard to put the event on. HAFCAC, Action on Disability, Safety Net People First, together with HeadsUp, work together through the year. 

We can do more - celebrations like this, social events, campaigning on issues that matter to you - but we need more people to help in all sorts of small ways. We want to do lots but we need your help! If you want more events and more people sticking up for you then the best way to help is to join one of our organisations. Please get in touch:

Safety Net People First
Action on Disability

HAFCAC on Daily Politics Show

21 November 2016

HAFCAC appeared recently on the Daily Politics show in a piece about council efficiency. A new mobile app that rates efficiency has been released by the Taxpayer’s Alliance.

Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Cowan said, “This administration was elected on a promise to deliver good quality services and keep council tax low – and we are doing just that. Residents are telling me they’re delighted to live in Hammersmith & Fulham for this very reason.”

Kevin Caulfield, chair of HAFCAC, explained that judging councils only by their council tax rates could be misleading especially if there was a ‘desert of public services’.

Cllr Cowan added that it was about more than low bills and good services: “We’re here to make fundamental improvements to the quality of people’s lives, thinking big and doing things that most councils have simply never dared to.

“Firm control of the council’s finances means we have the best council tax record in the country, but we’ve done that while also abolishing home care charges and cutting 85 per cent of all our other charges. We’ve stepped in to save the Independent Living Fund and we’ve ended the 15-minute-only home care visits. All these things make a huge difference to your daily life if you’re elderly or disabled.”

Disability Justice Project launch

On the 3rd of November Inclusion London launched its new Disability Justice Project  to enable Deaf and Disabled people and their organisations to better fight for our right to independent living and access to goods and services.

Kevin Caulfield, Chair of HAFCAC, spoke at the launch about HAFCAC’s experience challenging Hammersmith and Fulham council in the courts on homecare charging. Kevin explained that though HACAC lost the legal case narrowly on appeal, it was still a victory as it showed that Disabled people would speak up. It led directly to the next council administration removing charging altogether. 

The Disability Justice project will build the capacity of Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) in London to use the law to challenge systematic discrimination we face as Disabled people.  It will build strong and effective partnerships between DDPOs and the legal community and increase the potential for strategic litigation to advance Disabled people’s rights.

Although Disabled people are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998, we still face systematic discrimination and experience breaches of our rights on a daily basis.  Moreover due to significant cuts to public services and local authority budgets many of us struggle to get the support we need to live a normal life and be included in the community and recent changes to Legal Aid made it much harder for Disabled people to start a legal challenge.

Tracey Lazard, CEO of inclusion London said:

“Rights mean nothing when you can’t enforce them.  That’s why we are launching this project.  It will ensure DDPOs and Disabled people understand the law and know how to challenge injustice and discrimination.  Too often local authorities and providers of goods and services get away with breaching our rights.  This project will enable and empower a greater number of Disabled people to challenge this.”

For more information, please contact

Svetlana Kotova 

or 020 7237 3181

One Year On: evaluating the impact of the closure of the Independent Living Fund

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) was shut permanently on 30 June 2015, having been closed to new applications since April 2010. The government transferred the funding to English local authorities initially for one year and then for another four years. However these grants were not ring-fenced
so local authorities could spend the money on whatever they liked.

This valuable report by Inclusion London looks at how London boroughs have used the money transferred from the ILF and what’s happening for the people who received them - by definition, people with the highest levels of support needs.

In Hammersmith and Fulham through pro-active action by HAFCAC, Action on Disability and local direct payments recipients, the local authority ring-fenced the funds until 2020. But not all boroughs have done the same - “While a number of councils have made a decision to maintain pre- ILF closure levels of support, others have made substantial cuts…”.

Jenny Morris sums it up in the opening line of the foreword to the report:

“For the first time in the history of modern social policy, we are in danger of going backwards in terms of the support available to disabled people.”

Click here to read full report provided by Inclusion London

Source: Inclusion London

H&F Council to launch Disabled People’s Commission

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is launching a Disabled People’s Commission as part of its drive to improve services and accessibility for all communities in the borough. 

Too often, disabled people are overlooked when councils are both designing and delivering services. With the launch of its Disabled People’s Commission, H&F will look into the experiences of disabled people in the borough to help make positive changes to increase equality and inclusivity for all those who live in, work in and visit the borough.

Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of the Council, said:

“I want Hammersmith & Fulham to become the most accessible and inclusive borough in London and this new Commission will help show us the way to deliver this vision. 

“As Commission Chair, I know that Tara Flood will draw on her excellent track record in disability campaigning. Tara is also a local resident, with vital first-hand experience of what life is like for disabled people in the borough.

”H&F Council is committed to putting residents at the heart of decision making, doing things with people and not to them. Under Tara’s leadership, I am confident that our Disabled People’s Commission will give disabled people in Hammersmith & Fulham a voice and a platform that they have all too often been denied in the past.” 

Tara Flood, on her appointment as chair of the Commission, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Disabled people across the borough to come together and be part of a radical change – a change that will begin to see a new way of doing things – services that are co-produced with Disabled people. Hammersmith & Fulham is a borough that wants to hear what we, as Disabled people, have got to say so I’m really looking forward to chairing the Commission and turning words into action!”

If you are a disabled person who lives or works in Hammersmith and Fulham and would like to be part of the new Commission then please contact Fawad Bhatti at setting out some details about you, your experience and why you want to be on the Commission. 

It is hoped that we can launch the Commission with a first meeting in early September so please submit any expressions of interest in becoming a Commissioner to Fawad by Wednesday 31 August. The time commitment for Commissioners is expected to be two hourly meetings once a month in Hammersmith Town Hall or other venues around the borough for a period of some 9-10 months.

The Commission is expected to complete its work and publish its findings and recommendations for action around May 2017.

Source: (2016) H&F Council to launch Disabled People’s Commission [online] Available at <> [Accessed September, 2016].

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