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What is happening with Disability Living Allowances (DLA)?

What is Employment and Support Allowance?

What are the changes to Housing Benefits?

What is Universal Credit?

What is Welfare Reform Act?

What is happening to the Independent Living Fund?

Click here to download these easy read factsheets about what is happening to the Independent Living Fund.

Right to independent living - Disabled people have identified  twelve basic rights  which must be met before they can assume control of their lives and enjoy equality with non-disabled people . Disabled people who live in Hammersmith and Fulham should be able to lead an independent life through:

•  Full Access to our Environment

•  A fully Accessible Transport System

•  Technical Aids – Equipment

•  Accessible/Adapted Housing

•  Personal Assistance

•  Inclusive Education and Training

•  An Adequate Income

•  Equal Opportunities for Employment

•  Appropriate and Accessible Information

•  Advocacy (towards Self-Advocacy)

•  Counselling

•  Appropriate and Accessible Heath Care Provision

A Tale of Two Models Disabled People vs Unum, Atos, Government and Disability Charities by Debbie Jolly. This article on the two models of disability is crucial reading as according to Lord Freud, Government Spokesperson, Department for Work and Pensions the government has  ‘gone for the biopsychosocial model'  of disability, which explains disability in terms of  biological, psychological, and social factors, rather than the social model advocated by disabled people. 

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'The Austerity War and the impoverishment of disabled people' by Chris Edwards. This finds the burden of the cuts to public services is being unfairly shouldered by some of the poorest people in society. Commissioned by Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People (NCODP) the report says the poorest 20% of the 2.7 million households receiving disability benefits will lose 16% of their cash income, plus benefits-in-kind, during the four years up to 2015.

For an audio-visual summary of the report go to:

Click here for the details and download Independent Living Fund transfer review programme
Supporting you with the transfer of your care and support

Click here to download Independent Living Fund user guide
A guide to maintaining your ILF award until March 2015

HAFCAC has asked our local MPs to resist closure of the Independent Living Fund.  Download our letter to MPs on the ILF in rtf format , and  for Greg Hands' response in pdf format . Also available to  download is a response from Andy Slaughter

Download our New Year press release (Word format) and H&F's budget proposals (pdf format) , together with  HAFCAC's campaigning New Year card

Visit the Public Law Project  for lots of good comments about legal action.

Independent Advocacy is available for adults in Hammersmith & Fulham. To find out more about using this service,  download the HAFAD leaflet on Independent Advocacy (Word doc)


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